Accounting & Finance


Accounting Service – Keep track of what your money is doing. Cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses. Let us maintain your accounts with no hassle. Simply send us your transaction records like invoices, receipts, cheque books and deposit books. We use the most advanced software available to keep your accounting data.


Management Accounts -  This is the most important way investors can review the performance of your business. It is critical for making management decisions and we provide them on a quarterly basis.


Financial Statements -  This is necessary to be compliant with Tax Laws. All companies must file with the Inland Revenue Department and these statements describe your tax liability on an annual basis.


Financial Plans - Know your position now and in the future. Make the appropriate decisions now that result in future financial gains. Let us perform a financial analysis that projects your performance for years to come and see how your decisions now directly affect the money you make in the future.



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